The lessons include theoretical training for acquaintance with the musical instrument and practical mastering of the bagpipe art – mastering the instrument, sound extraction, staging, solfeggio, rhythm and metrics, learning melodies and techniques. The study material includes topics related to Bulgarian history, folklore and art.

The bagpipe, breathe with us. He laughs, cries, rejoices and comforts. He knows about us and gives us meaning. It connects us as people, unites us as a people.

The bagpipe is alive – sometimes capricious and fickle. She wants you to caress her, to love her and know her as yourself, to give you the beauty of her voice.

Some researchers say that the bagpipe looks like a human device – the puff is the lips, the fur is the lungs, the bagpipe is the trachea, the whistle is the vocal cords. The handle is said to be the “Voice of God.” And the heart is common and there is only one – the heart of the bagpiper.